5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Secure When You Travel Constantly

If you are away from home constantly while traveling for your job, you may worry that your home is a potential target for burglars. If so, use one or more of the following five tips to keep your home secure when you travel.

Stop Your Mail

If you are going to be gone for more than a day or two, you may want to stop your mail. If a thief sees that your mailbox is overflowing, the pile of envelopes gives them the sign that no one has been home.

Another option is to have a trusted neighbor or friend collect your mail for you. This could save you multiple trips to the post office, as well as hide the fact that you are not home to get it yourself.

Ask a Neighbor to Take Out Your Trash

On garbage day, a potential burglar may look around to see which houses do not have cans on the curb. If this happens every once in a while, it usually does not trigger a signal to them that your home is empty. However, if your trash is not taken out for several weeks in a row, this opens your home up to a potential break in.

If you know you will be gone for a few consecutive weeks, ask a neighbor to take the trash to the curb for you. Even if there is no garbage in them, the appearance of the cans gives the impression that you are home.

Set Up Motion Sensor Lights

If there is not a lot of light around your home, a thief can easily sneak up to your back door or a window and break in without anyone seeing them. Even if you have porch lights, you may not want to waste electricity by keeping them on all of the time.

If so, you could set up motion detector lights around your home that turn on when the sensors detect movement. You can either install the lights yourself or contact a home alarm company to see if they provide this service.

Use Timers for Your Interior Lights

Along with outdoor lighting, you want your interior lights to give the impression that someone is in your house, even if there are no vehicles outside. You can do this by using timers on your light fixtures and setting them to turn on and off based on your routine.

For example, if you are typically in your living room in the evening, you can have one timer set for the light on the end table. To create more of an illusion that you are home, you could also use a timer for your television.

When the time comes for your usual bedtime, have the timers in the living set to turn off, and set the bedroom lights to turn on a minute later. This gives the impression that you walked to your bedroom before turning on the light.

Install an Alarm System

Along with the above tips, you may want to consider having an alarm system installed in your home. If you choose to use a service that monitors the system, they company can contact authorities and you if a break-in attempt is made.

When you have a system installed, also ask for extra stickers to place on all of your doors and windows. Many times, burglars skip houses that clearly advertise that there is a home security system in place.

Using the above tips can help keep burglars from seeing your home as a target while you are away on business trips. If you are interested in having your home monitored, you may want to contact an alarm company like Tele-Plus to discuss your options for having a security system installed in your house.