Home Security Tips: Maximizing Your Security System

Security is not just a state of being, it's a state of mind. One of the ways that your family can feel safe and secure is by installing a security system to protect your home, property, or business. Not all security systems, however, are created equal.

Here are tips to help you maximize your security system:

Be Conspicuous

Your home security system should act as a deterrent. When thieves consider stealing from you, they should know that they will need to deal with a security system.

  • Line of Sight Cameras: few bits of evidences are potentially most damaging to a criminal than video evidence, which is why it essential that you place cameras in conspicuous locations that clearly visible to potential burglars. Obvious locations include points of entry (doors, gates, windows, etc.), but it's also important make sure that the camera is clearly visible as you approach the point of entry.
  • Visible Barriers: the more hurdles a burglar must navigate to burglarize your home, the less likely they will be to commit a crime. Adding locks to gates, outbuildings, sheds, and other areas of your property will show that your home is fortified and won't be an easy mark.

Be Inconspicuous

In the event that a burglary occurs, the best chance the authorities have for apprehending the criminals is while the burglars are committing the crime. That's way it's important to have a number of subtle and inconspicuous features added to your security system.

  • Hidden Cameras: if you followed the first tip, you burglar will know that your property is protected with a security system. That's why many criminals obscure their identity when they enter a property and/or destroy the security systems. Thus, you will want to have a few hidden cameras sprinkled throughout your property. Placing these cameras near less common entry points (bathroom widows, laundry room windows, garage doors, etc.) can help catch a crook without them suspecting they are being caught on camera.
  • Motion Sensors: today's motion sensors are tiny and can act like hidden cameras. Placing motion sensors in hallways and bedroom thresholds can trigger security alerts. These alerts can be sent to your smart phone and/or security service providers. If the motion detached seems out of character, the authorities can be alerted, which can catch the burglars in the act.

Installing a security system can help your family be and feel safer. These tips can help you get the most out of your system. Contact a company like ASI for more information.